Rhea of Sunshine: having cameras on in Zooms should not be required


Morgan Kong

In this weekly column, Wingspan staff reporter Rhea Advani provides her take on a variety of topics.

Rhea Advani, Staff Reporter

“Please make sure your camera is on so I can see all of your faces.”

I’m sure you’ve heard that from one of your teachers at least a few times if you’re taking any virtual classes. And as many students have absolutely no issue with that whatsoever, not all of us feel this way. In my opinion, I think turning your camera should not be a mandatory requirement for all students.

When you’re in person, in a classroom, it’s mandatory that you must be present and show up to class for your attendance to count. However, it’s different when you’re taking virtual classes and you’re at home. 

Not all students have the same living state as other students. In a classroom, everyone is in the same place, each provided with a desk and chair. However, that isn’t the case when being at home. For example, family member disturbances, babies, pets, etcetera, can be disturbing and stressful if a student is trying to focus on their schoolwork while making sure their camera is on at all times. 

This is why it shouldn’t be required that all students have their camera on. Obviously, it’s still important that students are still being interactive and participating in class activities, and turning assignments in on time, but students should only have to turn their cameras on if they feel comfortable.