Lions couldn’t score on the Redhawks


Emily Vetvick

Friday night both boys’ and girls’ soccer took on the Reedy lions. In both games the Redhawks were able to stop them from scoring, (0-0 girls and 2-0 boys)

Remi Williams, Sports Editor

Hosting the undefeated Reedy Lions Friday night, the girls’ soccer team walked away with a 0-0 draw, leaving the Redhawks in 6th place in District 9-5A.

“I think we did well in connecting and keeping the level of intensity high,” freshman Teegan Jaussi said. “Obviously we would have liked to win, but we are satisfied with a tie.”

Over on the west side of Frisco, the boys’ team took to the road to also take on the Lions with the Redhawks tallying two goals for the 2-0 win. 

“All of our players were back and we were playing at full strength,” junior Tommy Garafallo said. “We were playing together as a team and when we did we were pretty good.”Both teams have the opportunity to play in a professional stadium Tuesday night as they play  Lone Star at Toyota Stadium, the home of FC Dallas.