Heading to Toyota, Redhawks face Lone Star Rangers


Emily Vetvick

In a battle of land and sky, the Redhawks managed to secure wins for both the girls’ and boys’ teams. However, as the season progresses, this seems to be a reoccurring theme.

Remi Williams, Sports Editor

The high school level gets the professional treatment Tuesday night as the Redhawks soccer teams head to Toyota Stadium and the home of FC Dallas for District 9-5A games against Lone Star

The girls are scheduled to take the field at 5:30 p.m. in what will be a different experience compared to playing on campus. 

“We are working on corners and getting used to the bigger field,” freshman Teagan Jaussi said. “I’m not too worried about as long as we connect, because if not, then we are going to have a lot more.”

The boys’ team will take the field approximately 20 minutes after the girls’ game is over with the Redhawks looking to move up the standings. Currently in a tie for 4th place, a win could see them move to 2nd.

Having already played at the practice facility of the Dallas Cowboys, junior Tommy Garafallo doesn’t think the bigger playing field will be a big deal.

“During practice we are working on setting up the wall for free kicks,” Garafallo said. “I am not worried about playing on the big field because at The Star and we won 2-1 against Frisco. It is much more tiring for sure but I just need to use more pre workout.”