Featured Athlete: Maya Jain

Grade: 12 | Sport: Basketball


Harley Classe, Assistant Sports Editor

Wingspan: When did you start basketball?

Jain: “I started playing basketball when I was about 4 years old.”

Wingspan: Who encouraged you to start basketball?

Jain: “My oldest brother TK had played all of his life too and so it kinda just ran in the family. My mom was the one who actually signed me up for little camps and stuff though.” 

Wingspan: What is the hardest part about basketball?

Jain: “I’d say the hardest part about basketball is wanting to get better and put the work in. Everyday you have to push yourself to be better than you were the day before.” 

Wingspan: What’s your favorite part about basketball?

Jain: “My favorite part about playing basketball would be meeting new people. I’ve met so many people from playing at school and for a club team and it just gives you a chance to do something you love with people who share that same interest.” 

Wingspan: Who is your biggest role model?

Jain: “My biggest role model would be my mom. Although she never played basketball she has always taught me to put my best into anything I do and I carry that with me on the court.”

Wingspan: What is one thing people think about basketball that isn’t actually true?

Jain: “I think one thing people think about basketball that isn’t true would be that it’s just putting a ball in a hoop. Like some people can’t even make layups.” 

Wingspan: Do you have any superstitions?

Jain: “I think we have team superstitions. We have a specific warm up for game day practice and before the game as well.” 

Wingspan: Do you have a pre game routine?

Jain: “I don’t really have a pre game routine. Just doing a handshake with one of my teammates.”