Lions ground Redhawks


Roy Nitzan

The Redhawks softball team continuing working towards their first district win, as they fell short to the Lions 16-1. The team is using this game as a learning experience to help them advance in future games.

Harley Classe, Assistant Sports Editor

Seeking their first win of the season, the softball team failed to cage the Reedy Lions on Tuesday, losing 16-1 in a District 9-5A contest.

While the scores may not show it, the team, along with sophomore Emily Aronson, feel that each game brings them a step closer to where they want to be.

“I definitely am improving,” Aronson said. “I think that every game we all take what we did last game and use it to fix our performance for the next game so our improvements have been great.”

Even though the team has yet to win a game (0-8), head coach Jill Bradshaw believes they are doing their best to persist and get better.

“You know, we are getting better every single game,” Bradshaw said. “We have a lot of young people so we are just trying to keep going at it every single day and do what we have to do to get better.”