Softball takes aim at the Knights


Michael Martin

The Redhawks match up against Independence High School at 7:15 Friday night at the nest.

Harley Classe , Assistant Sports Editor

The Redhawks step up to bat Friday at the Nest in a District 9-5A softball match-up at 7:15 p.m. against Independence High School.

Following the team’s last game against the Memorial Warriors on Tuesday, senior Karina Otrhalek feels they have a newfound sense of confidence.

“We are good at backing each other up and just supporting each other,” Otrhalek said via text. “Going against memorial was a challenge but I think we held them pretty good.”

To get ready for Friday’s game, the team is hitting the batting cages.

“This game we are hoping to compete to see more runs on the board,” head coach Jill Bradshaw said. “To prepare, we have spent a lot of time in the cages. They have faster pitchers so we are cranking up the pitching machine just a little bit.”