Caging the Coyotes softball’s goal Tuesday


Michael Martin

The softball team fell short to the Titians on Friday night, 16-0. The team searches for redemption as they face the Coyotes at 7:15.

Harley Classe, Assisted Sports Editor

The Redhawks fell to the Centennial Titans 16-0 in a District 9-5A softball game on Friday.

Following a 17-5 loss against the Titans earlier in the season, the team had their sights set on a closer game.

“Our focus has been on simply improving with all of the young people we have this year,” Bradshaw said.

Looking to cage the Heritage Coyotes Tuesday at 7:15 p.m. in their match-up at Heritage High School, the team is hard at work.

“We just want to stay mentally strong and focused throughout the whole game,” Otrhalek said via text.