Dristyn Deans

What are your goals as student body president?



Deans: “My main goal for next year would be to keep students involved. And me and my running mate will be able to do this to have students look forward to something every single week at liberty whether that be a game during advisory that everyone is included to play or anything like that. Just to keep students involved, excited to come to Liberty, and also included.”


What sets you apart from your other candidates?:


Deans: “Me and my running mate are a boy/girl pair so I think that will be able to get demographics from each side and also be able to get opinions about what would be best for the school, just from all different types of people.”



How would you help foster school spirit?


Deans: “I will help foster school spirit because I want to be able to include everybody whether that be sports teams, organizations, clubs, activities in Liberty and once we get everybody included it would just be a fun safe place here at Liberty for everyone to show their school spirit, everyone to be excited and just to call Liberty their home.”