Baseball falls to Wakeland but remains in first


Michael Martin

Although losing to Wakeland in their last game, the Redhawk baseball team maintains its spot as first as it continues out its next three games, which will determine it’s standing in districts.

Harley Classe , Assistant Sports Editor

With only three games left in the season to determine their final place in the District 9-5A standings, the first place Redhawks baseball faced off against the second place Wakeland Wolverines Tuesday night at The Nest. 

Riding a 9 game winning streak, the Redhawks were looking to clinch a playoff spot, but the Wolverines came away with the win 6-1.

“Although last night was not the result we wanted, it was probably needed because we were on a nine game winning streak and while you want to be hot going into playoffs, you don’t want to go into playoffs winning 20 games in a row because eventually you are going to get beat,” head coach Scott McGarh said. “I think they simply went in too confident last night.”

With the team not seeing the desired outcome, sophomore Jack Dehnisch felt they were too confident going into the game.

“Last night’s game was disappointing,” Dehnisch said. “I don’t know if we were fully prepared. We kind of went in hot headed and it didn’t really work in our favor.

Even after the loss, the team is still in first place with two games remaining.  

“It feels good to have a chance at making playoffs this year because it will be the first time since 2016,”Dehnisch said. “We have worked really hard in the off season and it is finally paying off.”