FISD Summer School registration now open


Michael Martin

Students interested in applying for a summer school course are now able to access the application form via the Student Portal. Starting with the class of 2023, some of these courses will begin to affect GPA.

Erika Pernis, Staff Reporter

Frisco ISD Secondary summer school registration is now open for all high school students with asynchronous-based courses for credit recovery and academic advancement.

Beginning with the FISD Class of 2023, all credit recovery courses will count towards a student’s GPA, and starting with the class of 2024, all Summer School courses will affect a student’s GPA.

With courses like health and speech only being half credits or half semester classes, sophomore Saesha Dravekar thought it would be more convenient to just take one over the summer.

“I decided to take speech over the summer mainly because I didn’t want to take it during the school year since it was a half credit class,” Dravekar said. “Also because I had already taken health as well the year before, so it would clear up some room in my schedule for another class.”

Sophomore Jiya Surywanshi is taking a course over the summer in order to have more room for AP classes during the school year.

“I decided to do medical terminology in summer school instead of a course during the school year because of scheduling.” Surywanshi said. “I really wanted to rack up my AP classes and med term is an on level course.”

Summer school has its benefits as an alternative to taking the course during the school year.

“Summer school online was pretty chill actually, you’re able to complete the course whenever you like as long as it’s before the deadline,” Dravekar said. “So you’re still able to enjoy your summer days and whatnot.”