Final Presentation Night a wrap for ISM


Prachurjya Shreya

ISM students showcased their work for the year at Wednesday’s Final Presentation Night. For many students that met presenting in person to limited audiences in classrooms on campus, while other students chose to present via Zoom.

Urja Joshi, Guest Contributor

ISM Final Presentation Night was Wednesday and for some students, it was the first time presenting in-person.

“I think FPN was an extremely valuable experience through which I could showcase what I had learned to my mentor while protesting how I have grown as a person,” senior Gurnoor Narula said.

Some students presented virtually via Zoom while others presented in-person and on Zoom simultaneously. 

“It was really nice to present all of my work in person and I felt like the whole night went smoothly,” senior Ariana Khan said. “Even though this year wasn’t normal, Final Presentation Night felt like a perfect way to wrap up ISM.”