Chromebooks due back on campus Wednesday

Akhil Katuri

Akhil Katuri, WTV Staff Reporter

With the exception of freshmen who are part of Frisco ISD’s 1-to1 initiative, students who have checked out Chromebooks from the school the devices and other equipment Wednesday.

“Most students will return it in either first or second period,” Digital Learning Coach Clayton Pope said. “You all have been emailed a message that tells you exactly when to turn it in and your teachers have also been given a piece of paper so you can ask your teachers as well.”

As students check their emails for instructions on how to return your computers, students are asked to pay particular attention towards bringing chargers, and making sure your computer is in decent condition.

“Be sure you bring your device and your charger,” Pope said. “You don’t necessarily need to worry about damage to the device. We can usually tell if it’s intentional or accidental. So for the most part the damage isn’t something you need to worry about. Just be sure you bring back your Chromebook and your charger on the 19th to the library and you’ll be all good to go.”

Underclassmen don’t have to worry about uploading work onto another device as the Chromebook was designed to save student work as long as students log into their school account on another Chromebook device.

For seniors however, the instructions might be a little different.

“As long as uploading and saving your work, unless you’re a senior that’s leaving, you really don’t need to do anything because Chromebooks save your work to your Google account and of course any device you use, you can log on to your Google account and you can access your account, your information, your documents, your slides, sheets, etc.,” Pope said. “If you are a senior again check your email. I have sent you some instructions on what to do to be sure you backup all your content before your accounts become deactivated the day after school ends.”