Julia Johnson

Name:Julia Johnson



Future College: Unsure

Future Job: Orchestra Director

Years in Band: 6

Inspiration: My parents

Favorite Musician: Ryan Anthony and Hilary Hahn


Wingspan: What made you choose the trumpet?

Johnson: “I chose the trumpet because I wanted a secondary instrument to start and since my dad teaches it, I decided on trumpet.”

Wingspan:What made you want to choose to do band?

Johnson: “I chose a band because I wanted to try a wind instrument. I’ve always enjoyed orchestra and I am always around band students at my dad’s school so I thought I would try it out.”

Wingspan:How does band impact your daily life?

Johnson: “Band has helped me to learn to manage my timer and it has been a great way to meet people.”

Wingspan:Are you considering continuing band beyond? Why?

Johnson: “I’m going into music education on violin for college, but if I have considered keeping trumpet up on the side.”

Wingspan:What are your personal goals for this year?

Johnson:My personal goals for this year are to make All State violin and All area on trumpet.”

Wingspan:What is your favorite thing about marching band?

Johnson: “My favoite thing is the sense of community and friendships that you make in marching band.”

Wingspan:How do you balance band, school, and any other extracurriculars?

Johnson: “To balance everything. I am very dependent on my calendar and planner. I make sure to write everything down and keep lists of everything that I need to get done.”

Wingspan:What’s your favorite memory of the band?

Johnson: “I have a few favorite memories, one of themis at our last football gamewhen we finally won and everyone celebrated. My other favorite memory is was playing trum,pet for our school musical Matilda.”

Wingspan:What is your advice to anybody thinking about joining the band?

Johnson: “My advice is to pick an instrument that you enjoy and also to relax and cherish the small moments.”

Wingspan:If you had to pick a different instrument to play what would it be?

Johnson: “If I had to pick a different instrument I would choose cello.”

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