Pre-cal students decorate school for final project


Megan Ward

Continuing the annual ceiling tile project, pre-calculous students put their knowledge to the test as they painted their choice of art incorporating their final lesson in conics.

Athena Tseng, Staff Reporter

As the year comes to a close, pre-calculus students are working on a long-lasting project that will hang overseeing Redhawks on campus. Incorporating art and math, students have been designing ceiling tiles through the use of conics and other pre-cal elements learned in class.

“This was a fun creative spin in the class,” sophomore Sherry Hu said. “Usually in class we do more worksheets but this was a nice break from that.”

While some appreciated getting to use their artistic side, for sophomore Takumi Harima, applying their knowledge in an arithmetic way would have been preferred. 

“I’m not a very creative person so I enjoy this project as much as the other stuff we do in class,” Harima said. “I rather just do the math than paint it.”