Volleyball seeks wins in NISD Classic tournament


Emily Vetvick

As the volleyball team continues on through their pre-season schedule, the team seeks out another win for the Redhawks. The team came out 3-1 in their last tournament and hope to increase their score.

Harley Classe, Sports Editor

The volleyball team takes flight in the NISD Volleyball Classic tournament Thursday and Friday at Northwest ISD High School hoping to bring home more wins for the Redhawks.

Senior Tanner Hansen is looking forward to time with her team as it is her last year playing as a Redhawk.

“All of the team bonding we are doing is hopefully going to help push everybody to want to work hard for all of the seniors because it is our last year,” Hansen said.

As the team continues on in their non-district schedule, they hope to exceed their expectations from last year as the team lost in the first round of playoffs.

“We really want to have a good last year and make it to playoffs, especially for the juniors who will come back next year and have something to work for,” Hansen said.