Lions sweep Redhawks to start district volleyball season


The Redhawks felt the wrath of the lions in their first District 9-5A match of the season. The team looks to continue improving as the season progresses.

Harley Classe, Sports Editor

The Redhawks fell to the Reedy Lions 3-0 in the first District 9-5A match of the season on Friday at Reedy. 

Head coach Clark Oberle feels that although the score board didn’t reflect it, the team is still moving closer to achieving goals for the year as a collective group.

“Our team is really hungry to win,” Oberle said. “We have been able to get some good practice time in the past few weeks which I think has really helped our team come together to get closer to their goals for the season.”

For some, including junior Campbell Peters, this year evokes a brand new feeling when on the court as rules were different last year due to COVID-19.

“The season is a lot more fun this year because we get to do a lot of different stuff than we got to do last season,” Peters said. “With COVID restrictions being lifted for games we have been able to come together as a team more in practice which I think will really show through and pay off in the way we play in upcoming games.”