Homecoming tickets now for sale


Varun Saravanan

Tickets for the 2021 Homecoming Dance on Sept. 25 are now available for purchase through onlineschoolfees.com.

Varun Saravanan, WTV Producer

This year’s homecoming dance isn’t until Saturday, September 25th, but tickets for the dance are now available to buy.

Students can buy tickets at OnlineSchoolFees.com for $25.

Tickets will increase to $30 at the door.

“So homecoming tickets are available, right now to buy on onlineschoolfees.com. We have information posted up around the school on posters, so make sure to buy your tickets,” student council president Alyssa Murphy said. “We can’t wait for this year’s dance; it’s going to be Hollywood-themed! On behalf of all of the Student Council, we are all really excited to have a dance this year, and we want you to buy your tickets!”