Volleyball looks to make a mark on the Coyotes


Volleyball currently stands at 2-3 in District 9-5A. The team is hopeful for a win against Heritage to even out their record.

Harley Classe, Sports Editor

Looking to even out their District 9-5A record at 3 and 3, the Redhawks take on the Heritage Coyotes at 6:45 p.m. in a volleyball game on Tuesday at The Nest.

The team beat Heritage 3-1 last season and senior Tanner Hansen hopes to do it again.

“The first few games we’ve played this season have shown us what we can do,” Hansen said. “When we work hard in practice, it shows in the way we play.”

The team is approaching the half-way mark of their season, and with only a few games left before that point, Hansen believes his team has come a long way.

“When we play like a team we accomplish more than when we play on our own,” Hansen said. “I think that is something our team has been really good at so far.”