Rhea of Sunshine: homecoming week


Morgan Kong

In this weekly column, Wingspan staff reporter Rhea Advani provides her take on a variety of topics.

Rhea Advani, Staff Reporter

For everyone that’s been on campus, I’m sure you’ve realized that it’s homecoming week. 

Student council has carefully planned out a whole week of fun activities for the student body to interact and have fun with it all leading to homecoming this weekend!

There have been several posters all over campus as well as many announcements posted on Wingspan too. 

If you haven’t already, you’re not too late, you can still find all the days of this week and their themes online & dress up with your friends.

I think after the crazy pandemic year we’ve had, this staple of homecoming week is really a great way for the student body to get their mind off of their studies right now and focus on having fun this week.

If you are planning to go to the dance this weekend, then make sure to buy your tickets in advance because they are more expensive than buying them at the door.

Have an extremely fun weekend everyone, and be safe.