Volleyball scores win over Centennial


Remi Williams

The Redhawks brought home a much desired win against the Centennial Titans on Tuesday. With focus on their serving game, the Redhawks dominated 3-1.

Harley Classe, Sports Editor

Going in with something to prove and coming out on top, the Redhawks beat the Centennial Titans 3-1 (22-25, 25-16, 25-22, 25,14) in a District 9-5A volleyball game Tuesday night.

The Titans took hold of the Redhawks in the first round but the Redhawks were abe to control the rest of the match.

“We got a good lineup in and were able to really come out strong and just give it our all,” senior Tanner Hansen said.

With a loss against the Titans from the previous season hanging low over the athlete’s heads, the determination on the court was up which benefited both the team and head coach Clark Oberle.

“We put a lot of the focus on our serving game this week which made it easier to prevent the scoring runs we were trying to avoid,” Oberle said.