Redhawks fight Frisco for first


Pujan Shah

The Redhawks head into their game Friday with the same record (5-0) as their opponent, the Frisco Racoons. The team has high hopes of putting up a fight that leaves them at first in District 7-5A.

Harley Classe, Sports Editor

For the second time this season, Redhawk football (5-0) takes on an undefeated District 7-5A opponent when the team takes the field at the Ford Center on Friday at 6:45 p.m. against the Frisco Racoons (4-0).

The Redhawks didn’t take much time celebrating their 41-24 win over Lake Dallas as the team quickly changed gears after each game. 

“We had a game [last Thursday] so by 6:00 [Friday] it was on to this next week,” Luster said. “We are going to watch film, see what mistakes we made last game, and fix those when we play Frisco so we’re already on to what comes next.”

The rise in intensity between the teams as the clock ticks closer to game time is something senior Owen Wise feels is fueling the Redhawks. 

“Speaking on behalf of the team, this just gives us every ounce of the fact that we are going to go 6-0,” Wise said. “We don’t care what anyone else says, what this news channel says, or what this student says. We are going to be 6-0 after this week and that’s what our mindset is going into it.”

On the other side of the field, Frisco High School’s head football coach Jeff Harbert knows Luster is the key to the Redhawks offense. 

“He is more accurate,” Harbert said. “You can tell he’s more comfortable finding holes in the zones and you know he’s just a better overall quarterback than he was a year ago as well as he should be with a year under his belt. He is definitely one of the top guys in the metroplex and a very good player. From what I hear, he’s the right kind of guy you want leading your team. Not only his skill set, but also the intangibles he brings to their team makes them a really, really good football team.”

Accounting for 1380 yards passing (10 TDs), and 526 yards rushing (11 TDs), Luster is one of the top 5A players in the area, but he says beating the Raccoons will come down to a couple of things. 

“Starting fast and finishing fast are our biggest things,” Luster said. “That is what it’s going to take to beat Frisco, especially with a team as good as they are. We can’t start slow or finish slow.”