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Senior Lily Nguyen describes her experience with digital art and designs.

Michael Giatrakis

Senior Lily Nguyen describes her experience with digital art and designs.

Lily Nguyen

Name: Lily Nguyen

Grade: 12th

Future College: Rice University

Future Job: Medical field

Years in Art: 8

Inspiration: Kawacy

Favorite Artist: Kawacy


Wingspan: What made you want to choose to do art?

Nguyen: “In fourth grade I read Warrior Cats and I saw animations and I thought ‘I wanna be like that.’ So I started drawing cats online, and then furries, and then people.”

Wingspan: How does art impact your daily life?

Nguyen: “It helped me alot with coping, if anything was bothering me, I could draw and put my thoughts on paper.”

Wingspan: Are you considering continuing art beyond high school?

Nguyen: “As a side job because if you turn art into a business, it just ruins the flow of it. I don’t really like art as much as I used to, I mostly just do designs. I guess something I could use art for in the future is digital media. Because of that my art could expand to other branches, and could be used for things like business logos, product design, stuff like that.”

Wingspan: What is your favorite thing about art?

Nguyen: “I really like how you can take certain brushes and each brush has its own expression to show how I feel. I really like soft brushes cause they blend well with other colors. And for digital, there’s so many things you can transform. Physical feels more grounded.”

Wingspan: What is your favorite thing you have done in art?

Nguyen: “I really like drawing females. There’s really nothing else.”

Wingspan: What’s your favorite memory of art?

Nguyen: “Actually the one I’m working on right now. I got her ribs and upper torso and it’s like ba-boom, you know. And I got to draw tech wear on her.”

Wingspan: What is your advice to anybody thinking about joining art?

Nguyen: “Don’t beat yourselves up about art, if you’re doing something that looks awkward, keep going. Look at speed paints. Look at other artists and try to observe them and see how they draw. Try to think like the artist that created it.”

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