Featured Athlete: Sofia Golladay


Emily Thomas and Harley Classe

Wingspan: Is it intimidating as a freshman running varsity if so how?

Golladay: “At times it can be intimidating. I’m running against girls with more experience than me so that can be intimidating. I’m also running against girls with faster times so it puts pressure on me to stay with them and place towards the top.”

Wingspan: How long have you been running and why did you start?

Golladay: “I started running cross country in seventh grade. I started because I used to play soccer and running during practices and games made me realize I could be good at it as a sport. Soccer also helped me to realize how much I liked running.”

Wingspan: What do you hope to see at the district meet?

Golladay: “I hope to see our whole team improve and run our best races. Since we have already run this course, we have all made goals on where we need to get better and push harder. I also know what teams I need to beat and run faster than in order to make it to regionals. I would like to hopefully see our whole team make it past districts and move on to regionals.”

Wingspan: What’s your favorite part about cross country?

Golladay: “My favorite part is having a strong bond with my teammates because we all lift each other up and encourage each other. We all keep each other accountable which makes us a better person and a better runner. Having a good relationship with your teammates really makes the sport so much better than it already is.”

Wingspan: How have you guys been preparing for districts?

Golladay: “Practices have been challenging and the coaches have been pushing us to be our best. We also run and have practices on the weekends. Talking about what we expect to happen at districts has been important so we know what we need to do to advance.”

Wingspan: Do you have any pre-race rituals?

Golladay: “I eat the same thing the night before and the morning of a race. And I also pray right on the starting line right before I run.”

Wingspan: What is the biggest challenge in cross country?

Golladay: “Having a good mentality while running the race is my biggest challenge. My mind usually gets tired before my body so sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated. I have to remind myself that my body can do a lot more than my mind says.”