Redhawk eSports closes out a pixel perfect week

Zain Rahmani, WTV Staff Reporter

The Minecraft team started week 2 of the season strong with Redhawk Trent Walker getting a score of 99, placing him 25 out of 846 players.

The Valorant Varsity team faced off against Dripping Springs High School in Austin. This leaves their record for 1st place from the preseason in the dust, with a match score of 13-2.

Both the Valorant Junior team and the Rocket League team had a bye win for this week, bringing both their seasons records to 1-0.


Minecraft team standings:

Match score- 99 points

Current placement: 25/846


Valorant Varsity team standings:

Match score- 13-2

Season record- 2-0

Current placement- 11/479