First nine weeks comes to a close


Zain Rahmani

The first quarter of the year just ended with many teachers and students getting used to the different learning environment compared to last year.

Karina Grokhovskaya, Producer

After a year of hybrid learning, online and in-person classes, the first nine weeks with all students on campus has just come to an end. With the changes, student behavior has differed from before COVID-19.

“This year the kids are actually eager to work with their peers probably cause they’ve been isolated for an entire year,” teacher Hsi Hou Fernandez said. “Aside from group work, I think they do like to talk a lot so getting the class to just settle down at the beginning is a little bit of a struggle but all the teachers are aware  of that after COVID so it’s a little bit lenient.” 

With many students virtual last year, just being in a classroom was an adjustment for not only teachers but also for students these nine weeks. 

“It was good but it definitely took some adjusting to because for all of last year, I was online and with new classes and a being in a different grade,” sophomore Anila Narula said. “It was kind of hard but it was pretty good.”