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Sophomore Jemil Logan plays his clarinet for the football game. As the marching band season has come to a close, Redhawk students have been rehearsing for All-Region auditions. As results have come out, it seems over 36 students will be a part of this year’s All-Region program.

Jemil Logan

Name: Jemil Logan 


Instrument: Clarinet

Years playing instrument: 5

Future college: Stanford

Future career: computer engineer

Inspiration: Nicki Minaj


Wingspan: Was clarinet your first choice in instruments? 

Jemil: “Yes.”

Wingspan: What other kind of hobbies do you have, aside from band? 

Jemil: “I talk to friends. I’m in a lot of group chats. And I like to play games.”

Wingspan: What kinds of games? 

Jemil: “Online games like Overwatch. I play with my friends.”

Wingspan: Are there any other instruments you’d like to learn to play? 

Jemil: “I kind of want to learn guitar.”

Wingspan: Do you want to play clarinet in college or professionally? 

Jemil: “I actually don’t know yet. Maybe.”

Wingspan: If not, what do you think you might be interested in? 

Jemil: “Probably learning how to play guitar.”

Wingspan: Do you know where you might want to go for college? 

Jemil: “No, not yet.”

Wingspan: What’s your favorite piece or something that was the most fun to play so far? 

Jemil: “Probably Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars.

Wingspan: What are some songs or pieces you might want to learn or improve on with clarinet? 

Jemil: “I think I want to improve on the school fight song.”

Wingspan: What’s something you look forward to in band or in  music in general? 

Jemil: “Competitions”

Wingspan: Are there any specific competitions you’re looking forward to? 

Jemil: “No, I just really wanna get to do one”

Wingspan: What are some goals you have for yourself in band or music in general? 

Jemil: “Just to get better and hopefully meet some new people.”

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