Redhawks advised to change passwords

Varun Saravanan

Varun Saravanan, WTV Producer

For all students, the district issues school logins with the student’s ID number and birthday. Because the same username and password are used for many different sites, access to one password gives access to many other accounts

Because birthdays are the default password, it is relatively easy for people to access others’ accounts.

“We find an increase over the last few weeks of students email getting hacked or accounts being hacked because their passwords are still their generic birthday which are very easy for people to find all they have to do is ask ‘Hey when is your birthday?’ and now they already know your passwords to everything that is associated with your school account so changing your password protects you from being hacked or from other from being hacked in any way,” digital learning coach Nicole Lotz said.

Passwords can be changed via the Frisco ISD portal with the “Change Password” tile.