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Sophomore Haasini Busireddy plays her trombone for a football game. Sophomore Jemil Logan plays his clarinet for the football game. As the marching band season has come to a close, Redhawk students have been rehearsing for All-Region auditions. As results have come out, it seems over 36 students will be a part of this year’s All-Region program.

Haasani Busireddy

Name: Haasini Busireddy

Grade: 10th 

Instrument: trombone 

Future College: University of Southern California

Future Job: psychiatrist 

Years in Band: 5 years 

Favorite Musician: indecisive 


Wingspan: What made you want to be in band?

Busireddy: “In sixth grade you don’t have many options, and I remember right before school started. I went to a concert at my upcoming middle school, and I was like wait this is actually kind of cool.”

Wingspan: What instrument do you play, and what made you choose it?

Busireddy: “I play the trombone, and I chose it because it was the nature of the instrument. I had so much more freedom because of the fact that I got to slide it. The other instruments felt so restricted.”

Wingspan: How long have you been in band?

Busireddy: “I have been in band for four years, and this will be my fifth year in band.”

Wingspan: Do you ever feel like it can be too much?

Busireddy: “Yes all the time. It is like a commitment. Some Days you don’t get home until twelve, and some days you get home until eight thirty, or nine thirty.It really teaches you how to manage your time.”

Wingspan: Do you play anything outside of school?

Busireddy: “I play the piano outside of school, and I have been playing the piano since fifth grade.”

Wingspan: What goals do you have for this school year?

Busireddy: “This year I think my goal would be to either make region or move up in band during auditions.”

Wingspan: What was your favorite moment or memory in band?

Busireddy: “I remember once in middle school in eighth grade, I was in the top band. Everyone in the top band had to wake up at two thirty in the morning for a performance we had on the Dallas morning news. It was so crazy, and so awesome.”

Wingspan: Do you want to play for a while or just in high school?

Busireddy: “I think I am definitely going to finish high school playing band, and I think I want to do marching band in college, but we will have to see how that goes.”

Wingspan: Is balancing school, and band hard?

Busireddy: “Yes, definitely. I think because highschool teachers assign homework like their class is the only one you have, so it is definitely very hard. Plus, getting home late virtually every single day is not a great mix.”

Wingspan: What is a tip you would give to a new band student?

Busireddy: “Definitely, learn how to manage your time. If you don’t know how to manage your time, you will definitely learn now. It’s just so much, but it is worth it because you make so many good relationships. Just don’t give up.”

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