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Self hypnosis

Self hypnosis can be used to improve yourself, whether that be better self-confidence, memory, or really anything. Self hypnosis is basically a cheat code for life. It’s hypnotizing yourself to believe whatever you want to believe using the power of positive thinking. This works so well because this technique is harnessing the power of your inner mind, which is 10 times stronger than your conscious mind.

Start by taking a couple deep breaths and preparing yourself. Take your index finger and place it on the spot between your eyebrows, this is your third eye. Then close your eyes and say an affirmation, either out loud or in your head. This affirmation can be anything that you desire.

Make sure your affirmation is directed to something you personally, want to change. For example, “I will receive unexpected money” is not a good affirmation for self hypnosis. I suggest a manifestation technique for that instead. An affirmation such as “I will be more self confident” is better suited for self hypnosis. Try not to use any negative words such as; “not”, “don’t”, “won’t”, etc. For example, “I will not be unmotivated tomorrow” has two negative words, instead say “I will be motivated tomorrow” as your self hypnosis affirmation.

Self hypnosis can be used to help you remember things that you need. For example, “I will remember everything I read in the next hour” can be used when you are studying for a test. Or “I will play to the best of my ability” can be used before a sporting event to unsure you play your very best.

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