Featured Athlete: James Ethan Harris


Courtesy of James Ethan Harris

Wingspan’s Featured Athlete for 11/17 is wrestler, James Ethan Harris.

Emily Thomas, Start Reporter

Wingspan: What got you into wrestling?

Harris: “I got into wrestling when the wrestling team came to the middle schools. They had us play a bunch of games and do some wrestling, and I thought it was really fun.”

Wingspan: What’s your favorite part or wrestling?

Harris: “My favorite part of wrestling is knowing you left everything on the mat after a match.”

Wingspan: What’s been the biggest challenge this season?

Harris: “So last month I landed weird and misaligned my hips. There are certain positions that I need to be in for wrestling that I can’t right now. But Ive been going to physical therapy and it is slowly getting better.”

Wingspan: Who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to wrestling?

Harris: “I would say Michael Breslav, a graduated wrestler, is my biggest inspiration. He beat the crap out of me my freshman year, but that made me a better wrestler today.  I am constantly thinking about how he would do things and try to do my best to mirror him.”

Wingspan: What does a normal day at practice look like?

Harris: “Well in the mornings varsity gets their lift in as jv is in the mat room wrestling. And its opposite during 4th period, varsity is in the mat room as jv lifts.”