LHS parking and naptime accounts gain campus attention

Karina Grokhovskaya, WTV Producer

School meme accounts aren’t new, but a new wave of accounts has spawned interest.

From students sleeping in class…

To bad parking…

New instagram accounts are getting people talking as LHS Naptime and Redhawk Parking are “exposing” students on social media. 

Among those students making their way to the parking meme account, senior Robbie Violante appreciates the light hearted look at student parking skills. 

“So it’s definitely pretty funny to see my car on the page I was just sorta chilling and I got a text from a friend to the link to the page,” Violante said. “So I think that I didn’t feel too bad about it cause I was looking at the other parking jobs and although I was at an angle touching the curb I wasn’t interfering with anyone else’s space and even though it wasn’t super precious it didn’t make anyone else life harder so took it pretty light heartily it was really just entraining to see my car on the page.”

Even more popular than the parking account is LHS naptime… where simply putting your head down in class could get you some campus attention.

“I feel like it’s gotten me a little bit of fame,” freshman Brooklyn Brown said. “And it just kinda makes my day better when I see I’ve been tagged in an LHS Naptime Post.” 

But who runs these accounts?

WTV sent a DM to find out, and while the students that run the account did reply, they did not want to reveal their identity outside of the fact that it’s two sophomore girls.

However they did say they were very surprised and happy that the account blew up so fast, and they didn’t expect it to gain this much traction, but they are happy with everyone’s reactions.