Redhawks looking to soar over break


Michael Martin

Boys’ basketball looks to start off break with some wins. They are starting with playing Naaman Forest Friday at 7:00 p.m. at The Nest.

Haley Ward, Sports Reporter

Starting off Thanksgiving break, the boys’ basketball team goes head to head with Naaman Forest Friday at 7:00 p.m. at The Nest, and plays in the RJ Hampton Classic on Saturday at Little Elm High School

After falling to Naaman Forest 47-46 one year ago, assistant coach Brice Wright feels that with their win against Little Elm on Tuesday, the Redhawks are capable of securing a win on Friday.

“For Friday’s game, Naaman is really similar to Little Elm, there is a lot of athletes and they’re going to get up and down and run,” Wright said. “So we are really going to be looking at the way that we played, the pace that we played with the pace that we played at [Little Elm] to kind of mimic that on Friday, and then contain some of their good players that they have on their team, because they do have a few good ones.”

Senior Drew Johnson believes that with team play and focus, the Redhawks have what it takes to continue their winning streak.

“I think our biggest strengths is we enjoy playing together, so whenever we go out there we’re all excited to be playing,” Johnson said. “We need to make free throws, that was a big problem against [Little Elm]. Just making sure we actually follow the scouting report, we slipped up a couple times last game on not closing out to the shooters. Overall I think we’re good, we just need to focus on each game one at a time.”