Seniors eligible to compete for MLK scholarships


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Seniors have the opportunity to participate in the 12th annual dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Oration Competition and Gala. Through writing an essay and possibly advancing to the oration portions, students can win up to thousands of dollars in scholarship money,

Kylie Pilgrim, WTV Staff Reporter

Reflecting on today’s world and the life of Martin Luther King Jr. could earn seniors some scholarship cash. 

The 12th annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Oration Competition and Gala is now open to all Frisco high school seniors.

Students must submit a 3-5 page essay typed, double spaced, on the topic of “many cultures, one dream.”

The essay is due December 10, 2021 by midnight.

The top ten essays will be selected to compete in the oration portion of the competition. 

Students chosen to advance have the opportunity to win scholarships ranging from five-hundred dollars to seven-thousand dollars.

For more information, search for student scholarship opportunities at the frisco education foundation page on