Digital Media encourages creativity through technology


Michael Martin

With the rise of technology, more students are being exposed to creativity and technology. In the Digital Media Course, these work hand in hand as students learn how to use multiple softwares and partake in many projects.

Siddhartha Rangaraju, WTV Staff Reporter

Students in Digital Media are creating projects from simple posters to multiplying themselves.

Even though Photoshop takes up most of the syllabus the students are going to dive into other programs.

“What we focus on in Digital Media is creating projects in Photoshop. We will actually do audacity for our sound editing,” Digital Media teacher Kandy Stevens said. “We will work in Indesign which is a text-intensive software which most people who create catalogs and yearbooks work with. And then we’ll also do a video unit in Adobe Premiere Pro.”

According to Stevens, technical skills are nothing without creativity.

“Students are evaluated on their basic skills and then they’re heavily evaluated as we further along in our projects based on their creativity,” she said. “When you’re in the world of graphic design, it is so important to have that creative edge to meet and satisfy your client’s wishes.”

Even though projects may get tougher down the road, some students love the challenge.

“It is a creative outlet for me and it is also a fun challenge,” junior Evan Benavides said. “For example one of my favorites was where we had to take multiple pictures of ourselves and then put them in one image and then make a story out of it.”