It’s a clash of Titans and Redhawks in Friday’s game


Michael Martin

The Redhawks shot down the Memorial Warriors 49-45 in their first district game of the season. Now it is up to the athletes to continue that energy in Friday’s game.

Harley Classe, Sports Editor

The Redhawks are on the hunt, looking to sink their talons deep into the Centennial Titans as the teams are scheduled to go head to head in a District 9-5A girls’ basketball game on Friday at 6:30 p.m. at Centennial High School.

“What our team will look like throughout the year is largely dependent on what type of opponent we are about to go up against,” head coach Ross Reedy said. “Our focus moving into the game against Centennial is extending our bench so that we can play more players considering we only used seven athletes in our previous game against Memorial.”

Starting district play with a 49-45 win over Memorial on Tuesday, the team has been using practice to improve their execution.

“We have been practicing like normal, and making sure that we are cleaning up the things that we messed up on during the game against Memorial,” senior Kamen Wong said.

Shifting focus away from a win over a district rival won’t be a problem according to Wong. 

“The outcome of the previous game doesn’t really have an impact on our mentality going into the next game,” Wong said. “We strive to treat every game the same with a goal to win and get better.”

Continuing on that path, Reedy is looking to push his team further into their studies and preparation for Centennial.

“The deeper we can play, the more fresh we can be,” Reedy said. “There is a saying that fatigue makes cowards of us all. We have their playbook and their personnel infused into what we are currently doing so focusing on us specifically going into this game will really drive our potential.”