Acoustic Avenue: that’s a “wrap” for 2021 Spotify listeners


Morgan Kong

Junior Ana Toro takes a dive into the world of music.

Ana Toro, Assistant Interactive Media Editor

The last month of the year has begun and it is time for our yearly Spotify Wrapped playlists. Spotify Wrapped is a story that Spotify creates for you of all the music you listened to this year. It is often something that most people post on their instagram stories to show their friends. This year’s story includes your top five most listened to artists and songs, as well as your top genres and how many minutes you spent listening to music.

In light of this, I thought it would be fun to share what my results were. For the most part, I wasn’t very surprised with the results given that I listen to a lot of music. My most listened to artist was Eminem. I was in his top 0.5% of listeners. My most listened to song was “7 de Mayo” by J Balvin. My top 5 artists this year were Eminem, J Balvin, Paloma Mami, Ariana Grande, and 21 Savage. Along with artists came my most listened to songs: “7 de Mayo,” “10 Freaky Girls” by Metro Boomin featuring 21 Savage, “For Ya” by Paloma Mami, “Sola- remix” by Nina Cobham featuring Bipolar Sunshine, and “MOVE!” by Riela.

Those results were very much expected. The more shocking ones to me were the other groupings such as how many minutes I listen to music or how many different genres I listened to. In total, I listened to 48,935 minutes listening to music and I listened to 105 different genres, with my top five being Dance pop, Reggaeton, Detroit hip hop, Pop rap, and Electropop.

Along with the personalized stories Spotify makes for individuals, they also make a big one for the top artists of the year with the most streams globally. This year’s most listened to artist, with 9.1 billion streams, for the second year in a row, was Puertorican singer Bad Bunny. This is especially incredible given that he did not release an album this year. The other top five artists included Taylor Swift, BTS, Drake, and Justin Bieber.

Other stats from this year were the most listened to songs globally. These include “drivers license” by Olivia Rodrigo, “ “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” by Lil Nas X, “STAY” by The Kid LAROI featuring Justin Bieber, “good 4 u” by Olivia Rodrigo, and “Levitating” by Dua Lipa featuring DaBaby.

Spotify Wrapped is something that people always look forward to and that inspires memes. Some very funny ones in fact. People on Twitter have compared the Grammy awards to Spotify Wrapped saying that they look forward to their stories more than the awards show. Ultimately, Spotify’s way of connecting with their listeners is a great way to continue to promote their platform and gain followers. It is also just plain fun to see what your stats are.