Featured Athlete: Matthew Bishop


Provided by Matthew Bishop

Wingspan’s Featured Athlete for 12/6 is basketball player, junior Matthew Bishop.

Emily Thomas, Staff Reporter

Wingspan: What is your favorite part of basketball?

Bishop: “It is truly enjoyable getting to play the game of basketball with my teammates. Being able to practice and play with them every day really builds chemistry and helps out the team to the greatest extreme.”

Wingspan: How does basketball compare to other sports you’ve played?

Bishop: “Compared to ice skating, basketball is a much more team environment and is more enjoyable. Being able to win games with your team is a lot of fun.”

Wingspan: What’s been the biggest challenge this season?

Bishop: “When we played gateway academy, they were a really good team and we had to come together to win.”

Wingspan: Who’s been your biggest inspiration throughout your basketball career?

Bishop: “Pistol Pete” Maravich really got me to like basketball. Ever since I watched him I wanted to play.”

Wingspan: How has basketball changed you as a person?

Bishop: “Basketball helps me to be in really good shape due to Curahee’s and 16’s.”

Wingspan: What’s been your best memory this season?

Bishop: “My favorite memory is being able to ride the short bus to a tournament and then later that day putting Arlington Lamer in the “50’s club”.”

Wingspan: What are you hoping to improve on this season?

Bishop: “I am working really hard on my east bay dunk and I am hoping to pull it out one game.”