Facets of Faith: tis the season


Hanl Brown

Staff reporter Faith Brocke expresses her emotions and experiences in her column, Facets of Faith.

Faith Brocke, Staff Reporter

As much as I enjoy the upbeat, merry​​ attitude that is associated with this time of the year, I find it odd that people don’t attempt to be this happy for the other eleven months in our calendar.

People say that you should be nice to everyone in December, whether they celebrate Christmas or not. This is true, but it’s also common decency. Why isn’t everyone encouraged to donate toys to children from January to November? I’d love to see more advertisements about buying trees for your home in the dead heat of a Texan summer. Maybe even a wreath, if you’re feeling irrationally festive.

The whole message that is generally assigned to this time of year is that you should do good things out of the kindness of your heart, as opposed to an ulterior motive driving you. But shouldn’t we keep that energy all year?

Many people take this time to finally see their families, but that’s always been weird to me. I see my family constantly. My older brother hasn’t lived at home in nearly a decade, and I see him every week or so. 

The same kindness that is afforded to strangers due to the ideas that have been ingrained in us since childhood. Appreciating your past, present and future and those you have, currently do, and will share it with is applicable during any point in the year.

Plus, watching movies like Home Alone during late April hits different. Ninety degree weather plus watching Polar Express equals maximum serotonin and nostalgia.