Frisco’s unique and affordable “Boba Boba Bubble Tea & Coffee”



Guest Contributor Sarayu Bongale tells of her first-time experience at Boba Boba Bubble Tea & Coffee.

Sarayu Bongale, Guest Contributor

As boba tea is gaining popularity in Frisco, people tend to go to chain boba places where they are guaranteed decent boba at an affordable price. However, branching out can lead to finding unique cafes such as Boba Boba Bubble Tea & Coffee where great quality boba is just as affordable, but has a unique essence to it.

Located in a small dirty complex, you question whether this place is worth it. But as you enter the shop, a sweet aroma hits you, comforting you immediately. The sharp white walls and sleek wooden tables are overtaken by an Instagram-worthy blue and purple rose wall drawing your attention immediately as you walk in.

The menu offers a wide selection of unique bubble flavors, which included mango, strawberry, kiwi, pomegranate, and passion fruit pop pearls and mango, lychee, yogo and coffee jelly, to go along with its numerous teas.

The most popular tea in this shop is the brown sugar milk tea which varies to the normal black milk tea common to most boba shops. What makes the brown sugar milk tea different is that it contains brown sugar caramel making the drink sweeter. This drink is perfect for people with a sweet tooth, however, for people who don’t enjoy sweetness, it is possible to make the sugar levels lower.

To top it off, they serve gourmet macarons with a variety of flavors. Of course there are the normal fan favorites like vanilla, chocolate, but there also unusual flavors such as honey lavender, strawberry smoothie, and coconut which are worth trying.

An interesting choice was the green Matcha Tea macaron, which had a bitter cream. However the sweet, crisp outer shell balanced the flavors making your mouth explode with different flavors when biting into the crisp shell.

Imagine how you think lavender shampoo or oils would taste. Now put that in a macaroon. That’s how the honey lavender macaron tastes, which evidently also smelled like lavender shampoo. While the concept of this macaron seemed intriguing, the macaron lacked much flavor.

With friendly service and unique drink choices, Boba Boba Bubble Tea & Coffee is a perfect shop for a quick snack.