Humanities take a dive into the past with global tapestry project

Siddhartha Rangaraju

Siddhartha Rangaraju, WTV Staff Reporter

Humanities students took a dive into the past to answer some fundamental questions.

“In the fall in humanities one we do our global tapestry project, and this is a project where the students gather together as a group and determine a region of the world that they want to research and kind of take a deeper dive into,” humanities teacher Elizabeth Evans said. “And then they do an individual research project, and then it culminates with a group museum presentation that helps to answer the question how do societies group themselves and how is that grouping affected by the wider culture?”

Unlike traditional classes, the humanities classroom uses houses to bring students together.

Jovel  jovan/student(freshman)
“When you’re sitting next to your friends. It’s a lot easier to like to deal with things you have to deal with,” freshman Jovel Jovan said.  “Like if you have a question, your friend is just sitting right next to you so you can easily ask them. And if you have a question your friend doesn’t know, then you have your entire house. Your whole table group that could help you.”