FISD holding presentation to spread mental health awareness

Advik Dixit

Advik Dixit, WTV Staff Reporter

Many new resources have become available since the start of the pandemic to help adults cope with the numerous mental health issues that have arose for themselves and their loved ones.

One such resource is the book, Pandemic Population written by Tim Elmore.

Wednesday night, the district is offering parents, and students, the chance to hear straight from the author. 

Frisco ISD counseling services coordinator Angie Williams loves how the book reels in a topic like post traumatic stress.

“It talks about how parents help their students navigate the pandemic and what they’ve been through it talks a lot about how previous generation’s pandemics that they experienced and how they not only survived that but thrived through it,” Williams said. “So one of the things that I like most in the book is where it talks about post traumatic stress vs post traumatic growth and how we can while acknowledging and empathizing the students that have been through this can also see the growth opportunity and thriving.”

The presentation arises from a rise in mental health issues throughout the district.

“I feel like what we’ve seen is a rise in mental health issues with students and we’ve seen a lot more hospitalization from students with mental health issues,” Williams said. “So we’re trying to do everything we can to give parents tools the presentation is also for staff just to give people tools in working with our youth who have experienced the pandemic.”

To rsvp for Tim Elmore’s presentation, you can go to the Frisco ISD website and look for Pandemic Population under events.

The presentation will take place through Zoom tomorrow from 6-7:30 pm