District offers free N95 masks to staff


Brian Higgins

Frisco ISD is giving all staff free N95 masks that are more effective in providing protection from COVID-19. The masks are not required to be worn, but any staff member interested in getting one can stop by the front office.

Athena Tseng, Managing Editor

Teachers have the opportunity to pick up a free N95 mask from the front office after Frisco ISD provided each campus with the masks on Thursday.

“The difference between the N95 mask and the surgical mask that people have been provided with is really just the fitting or tightness of the mask against the face,” school nurse Lindsay McDavid said. “With the surgical mask, it’s really made to be a physical barrier; things can still potentially get through because it’s not as thick of a mask so it lets more particles through. The N95 respirator is made to fit closely around the face so that there’s a tighter fit where fewer particles can get through and more a better seal that could offer more protection.”

Every staff member on campus has the opportunity to get one mask, and science teacher Chris Ham hopes there’s the chance to get more. 

“I think it’s great for people that want to wear masks. N95s are generally the best mask but they can get pretty expensive or hard to find. So I usually go for medical masks or cotton masks, but it’ll be nice to wear a better mask,” Ham said. “But I do wish they would give us more than one. N95s usually last about a week. It would be even better if we can get one every week. But I’m still grateful to be offered one.”