Season the day at Fiery Hot Nashville Chicken


Fiery Hot Nashville Chicken

Serving up fried chicken with some serious spice, Fiery Hot Nashville Chicken restaurant in Plano brings a kick of flavor to town.

Addy Schick, Sports Reporter

Chick-fil-A, one of the most popular food chains in America, has a new competitor. Spicing up the competition is Fiery Hot Nashville Chicken; a traditional fried chicken restaurant serving chicken strips, sandwiches, and nuggets but with a twist. 

Located in a strip mall in Plano, this venue can easily be overlooked. But take a dive deeper inside and customers will find a  small restaurant with the cutest simplistic retro theme.

Just by walking in, the owner will make your day. Between asking how our food was after service, having a student discount, and giving us with free milkshakes, the customer service is top tier. 

The menu is basic with eight main course meals ($10-12) to choose from and five  “extras” or sides ($3). Each meal comes with a drink and highly seasoned fries. The real decision with the menu is the hot sauce level to be chosen with each dish. There are five sauce levels and a plain option. All the sauces and spice mixes are hand-made in the restaurant. Even though prices might be a tad high on student budget, the portions definitely make up for it.

The Fiery Nashville Sandwich is surely something to try and get your taste buds ramped up. Trying it with the second least spicy sauce, Electrical Fire, the flavor provided an almost sweet beginning and a big after kick. The chicken was cooked perfectly and very juicy. The bun had a perfectly crisp edge and was golden brown. The presentation of the item was exquisite looking and appetizing. Your eyes will surely be fed. Truly the best dish on the menu by far.

Another must-try dish is the Fiery Chicken strips. Trying it with the middle-level sauce, WildFire, your mouth will surely burn. The chicken was once again cooked exceptionally. Although not mentioned on the menu the chicken did come with pickles on top. So make sure to ask for no pickles if not a fan. The sauce comes on the side with this meal, which is perfect for people wanting to regulate spice levels. 

But don’t get caught up in the name as there is something on the menu for everyone. Even with no sauce, the spices on the plain nuggets is the perfect level for non-spicy lovers. 

Moving onto the “extras”, the Fiery Mac and Cheese with spice level Electrical is sure to melt your heart. Just about everyone’s favorite on the menu, it will also be popular amongst your taste buds. Again this extra comes with pickles even though not listed.

When eating spicy or hot food it is suggested that you drink milk not water. Already ready to help, Fiery Hot Nashville Chicken offers the most delectable milkshakes in Chocolate, Butterscotch, Taro, or a seasonal flavor Pumpkin spice. The flavors in each are found to be rich and mouth watering.

With amazing service, cute decoration, astounding presentation, and the yummiest food, Fiery Hot Nashville Chicken is sure to win over your heart, and stomach.