Featured Athlete: Maegan Shannon


Provided by Maegan Shannon

Wingspan’s Featured Athlete for 1/20 is softball player, senior Maegan Shannon.

Emily Thomas, Staff Reporter

Wingspan: How are you guys preparing for the upcoming season?

Shannon: “We are practicing a lot and hard in every aspect of the game, and making sure that we each find our role on the team in order to produce runs and minimize them from the other team.”

Wingspan: What are you most worried for this season?

Shannon: “It’s always a new challenge going into a season with a new team. I wouldn’t say I’m worried but it is going to be a different experience for a lot of our players that are new on Varsity and the adjustment that high school softball season brings.”

Wingspan: What are you most looking forward to this season?

Shannon: “I can’t wait to see all of our hard work pay off. We have been practicing hard all year and I’m excited to see it pay off in our games.”

Wingspan: Do you have any Pre game rituals?

Shannon: “I don’t really believe in superstition so I don’t have anything that I have to do before a game, but I try to just relax and rely on the work I did prior to the game.”

Wingspan: What has been your biggest accomplishment since you’ve been on the team here?

Shannon: “Getting 1st Team All-District my freshman year.”

Wingspan: Is there anything you’re hoping to improve this year?

Shannon: “I’m hoping to be more consistent in both the field and hitting. I’m also hoping to have a higher batting average than last year.”