Redhawk soccer soars over the Titans


Troy Williams

It was dual wins for both girls’ and boys’ soccer on Friday as both teams competed in District 9-5A matches against Centennial High School. Both teams came out with identical scores taking the Titans 3-1.

Haley Ward, Sports Reporter

Both Redhawks soccer teams ended their week on Friday with wins against the Centennial Titans in District 9-5A matchups.

Traveling to Centennial High School, the girls’ team soared over the Titans 3-1 in a District 9-5A soccer game.

“The team played super well together on Friday, and I am really proud of everything we have been able to accomplish so far,” junior Grace Deshetler said. “We usually have a lot of opportunities during games that we don’t capitalize on, so we have been doing a lot of shooting drills and attacking towards the goal.”

Shortly after the girls’ win, the boys’ team ended their game with an identical score beating the Titans 3-1 and continuing their undefeated streak in District 9-5A.

“I think our team’s strengths right now is that we have a group of guys that never quit,” head coach Evan McGee said. “And they don’t back down and they’re not scared of whoever they’re playing. So they always have a lot of confidence going into the game, and they always bring a good level of energy.”