Redhawks look to lift their way to first


Michael Martin

Preparing themselves for competition, juniors Hanna Knox and Anna Lyon look to coaches for direction. For the girls’ this will be the second of only four meets this season.

Harley Classe, Sports Editor

With only four meets combining to make up the powerlifting season, girls’ powerlifting looks to jump head first into their second competition of the season at Lebanon Trail High School.

“Hopefully next week we will be more confident now that all our lifters have all competed,” head coach Eighmy Dobbins said via email. “The first meet nerves should be gone now; we expect all of our athletes to have a really successful meet next week.”

For junior Hanna Knox, a day’s worth of preparation for a meet is not all it takes.

“We’ve been preparing for the meets by lifting in the mornings and working on good form,” Knox said. “I’m hoping to PR in all of my lifts this year and hopefully place in District.”

After getting out first competition jitters, the team is confident they have what it takes to see improvement.

“We have an awesome group of returners who are doing a really good job leading and encouraging our newer members,” Dobbins said. “It’s going to be a great season.”