Library holds snowmen scavenger hunt

Rayan Mansoor

Rayan Mansoor, WTV Staff Reporter

In commemoration of the new year and season, the campus librarian has put together a scavenger hunt, in which you must find various hidden snowmen throughout the room. It will be going on until the end of the week.

“It was a library aide idea that was started for Halloween and students really enjoyed it so we tried to change it up a couple of times, but we finally decided back on the actual hiding of the things around the library,” librarian Chelsea Hamilton said. “So the library aids hid them around the room and it’s fun and exciting to try and go find them all. Once you tell me the correct number of, for this one snowman hidden around the library, once you tell me the correct number then you can get a prize!”

In order to participate and try to win a mystery prize, students can go to the library during advisory.