Goyal receives local media recognition

Senior Udgam Goyal's talents and achievements helped him earn a local media award

Senior Udgam Goyal's talents and achievements helped him earn a local media award

Blake Ver Woert, Staff Writer

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Student athletes strive to excel on the field and in the classroom, but senior quarterback Udgam Goyal has risen a step above most of the student athletes at Liberty and around the DFW area.

Goyal prides himself on being studious, while also shining on the football field. Being the varsity quarterback, president of Student Council and vice president of National Honor Society, Goyal has filled his plate to the edge. But that doesn’t stop him from striving to reach his full potential in all he does.

“It’s about being organized and having a good list of priorities,” Goyal said. “It’s about not procrastinating as much and getting things done as soon as possible.”

Goyal received the Scholar Athlete of the Week Award from WFAA Channel 8 for his achievements both on and off the field. This is a prestigious award that the most deserving students have the chance to receive. It has turned attention to Liberty and given the school the spotlight.

“It felt great,” Goyal said. “All my hard work has paid off, and it’s special to me because of what everyone else has done for me.”

Goyal has led the football team to a 4-3 start in the first seven games. He truly believes that this team has a chance to be great.

“I really see us in the playoffs this year,” Goyal said. “We’ve got a lot of seniors on defense. I just think we have a really good chance.

Goyal has a few more games to cherish as his high school career comes to a close. Life after high school can be a scary thought, but Goyal has his sights set on a successful future.

“After Liberty, I hope to go to college,” Goyal said. “I hope to study computer science and broaden my horizons.”

Goyal has excelled in many aspects of high school through the last four years and has made a name for himself in the halls of Liberty. No matter where he ends up, Goyal will always be a part of the Redhawk family.