Even technology can be unreliable

LHS students often use technology for various school assignments.

LHS students often use technology for various school assignments.

Esther Son, Staff Writer

The shift from paper to technology may be more convenient, but new challenges have emerged with this new way of learning.

Numerous teachers have converted to posting their lessons online—either through videos, documents, or PowerPoints. This new way of teaching reduces the amount of paper used throughout the school year, but new obstacles have surfaced.

Because of students’ increased dependency on technology, unexpected events can cause improperly saved work to be lost. A sudden blackout due to a thunderstorm can cause an entire essay to go down the drain.

The difficulties of technology not only affect the students of Liberty High School, but they also impact the teachers, as well. Teachers must decide how to manage the students who lost their work because of technological blunders.

When one of their students is unable to complete homework because of technological factors, some teachers allow them to turn the assignment in at a later date. Other teachers want their students to come to school early and complete the assignment at the library or computer lab.

Because of the unreliability of technology, students have grown accustomed to making sure that their work is saving properly. Clicking “save” constantly and making copies of their assignments are just a couple of ways students make sure that their assignments are saved correctly.

Because depending on technology to do assignments is such a prominent option, and because some teachers prefer for their students to type out essays and other projects, going to the furthest extent to ensure its safety is beneficial.

“Back up everything,” yearbook teacher Ms. Babineaux said. “Buy a high-end flash drive.”

The use of technology is increasing, and students should always make sure to back up their files so they will be able to turn them in just as they would with tangible assignments.