Orchestra takes flight


Michael Martin

Each year, intensity of school work is eased with with a series of breaks. For several Redhawks Spring Break of 2022 means a trip to Disney World.

Hannah Beeler, Staff Reporter

The magic of Disney World is going to be part of spring break for some orchestra students as they take their quadrennial out of state spring trip.

“We couldn’t go last year due to COVID,” junior Mika Lal said. “So we’re going this year. We will be going to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.”

Students will visit the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios over the course of their three day stay.

“I feel pretty privileged and grateful to go on this trip,” junior Vinh-Hy Ton said. “Especially in the sense that this trip was supposed to happen last year so a lot of people that graduated didn’t get to go.”

The prospect of traveling with other orchestra students is exciting to Lal.

“I am very excited we finally get to go on a trip because I haven’t gone on any in or out of state trips with the orchestra yet due to COVID,” Lal said. “I’m looking forward to going on all of the rides. I really want to go on Space Mountain and Tower of Terror.”